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作者: Unknown 主题: :Banking industry -- China -- Hong Kong. 年份: 2017
摘要: an industry report of the commercial banking industry in hong kong is presented from publisher business monitor international research, with topics including industry forecast, market overview and company profiles of banks including bank of china (hong kong) ltd. and the bank of east asia ltd
Asian Financial Forum - Breakfast Panel on Hong Kong's Competitive Edge in the New Paradigm (只供英文)
作者: 史美伦 主题: Asian Financial Forum, Breakfast Panel 年份: 2014
摘要: asian financial forum is a key financial event in asia where government officials, business leaders and financial experts meet annually to discuss the latest opportunities as well as challenges in the region.the financial services development council (“fsdc”) is delighted to be the host of the breakfast panel as part of the aff programme.
Firm value, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and cross-listing in the U.S., Germany and Hong Kong destinations
作者: Chi Hong LEUNG , Yuen Yan CHAN , Candy Suk Ching CHAN 主题: firm 年份: 2013
摘要: this paper presents empirical evidence on the effects of the sarbanes-oxley act of 2002 on the value of firms and on the cross-listing choice of firms destined to three major markets in north america, asia and europe. we use dynamic panel data methods and treatment effects methods and find that sarbanes-oxley has had a negative impact on the value of firms worldwide. our evidence indicates that sox may have segmented markets, with many lower valued firms destined to hong kong, thus crowding out the market where regulation is more stringent.
Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law Presents a Public Seminar on Maritime Collisions and Conflicts Issues
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运, 碰撞冲突问题 年份: 2011
摘要: on october 17, 2011, the hong kong centre for maritime and transportation law atcityu school of law was honoured to invite professor paul myburgh from the faculty of law at the university of auckland to present a public seminar on “flotsam and jetsam: conflict of laws issues arising from maritime collisions”. dr sik kwan tai, assistant professor, cityu school of law, was the chairman of the seminar. the seminar attracted registrations from over 100 scholars, legal practitioners, students and the general public.
The detention of ships in Hong Kong
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运, 船舶滞留 年份: 2010
摘要: around 40 members and guests were treated to an interesting and informative presentation by simon baker of lawyers clyde & co. his title, "an arresting problem – the detention of ships in hong kong" gave a clue that this was not to be the dry legal discourse which some may have expected, but a lively and entertaining presentation which mixed facts and law with a wealth of colourful anecdote and humourous asides.
Currency Substitution Between the Hong Kong Dollar and the Renminbi in South China
作者: Kenneth S. Chan 主题: Hong Kong Dollar 年份: 2009
摘要: the present paper estimates the demand for the hong kong currency circulating in the guangdong province of china and macau. the amount of hong kong dollars circulating in the guangdong (macau) region is reckoned to be 7.4 (3.2) percent of the total amount issued in hong kong. the estimated coeficients in the currency demand equation suggest that the hong kong currency in guangdong is used mainly for transactions. therefore, in spite of strong evidence of currency substitution of the renminbi with the hong kong dollar, its impact on the exchange rate and on the international reserves of hong kong during currency crisis should be minimal.
Exploring the Case for Monetary Integration between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong
作者: Tony Cavoli, Ramkishen S. Rajan 主题: Hong Kong, Monetary Integration 年份: 2007
摘要: abstract this paper presents an empirical investigation on an important policy issue, namely, whether there is any evidence supporting monetary integration between the chinese mainland and hong kong. we follow two lines of inquiry. first, we present a series of simple tests to find the extent to which trade and/or financial linkages exist between the two regions. second, we use simple inflation and output differentials and structural var techniques to test for the degree of business cycle synchronization between the two regions. the results indicate that there is evidence supporting the existence of trade linkages and that there is also support for the possible synchronization of business cycles. we discuss the implications of this for monetary integration between hong kong and the...
行政长官董建华出席 COSCO HONG KONG 轮首航香港庆典致辞全文(四月二十六日)
作者: 董建华 主题: COSCO, 香港 年份: 2002
摘要: 行政长官董建华出席 cosco hong kong 轮首航香港庆典致辞全文
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