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作者: 智经研究中心 主题: 香港发展为创意都会 年份: 2007
摘要: first and foremost, the paper seeks to establish creativity as a major force in transforming hong kong’s cultural and socio-economic landscape. although creativity manifests itself across different economic sectors and communities in hong kong, there is a little awareness of its significance in promoting economic competitiveness, socio-cultural and urban development of the city. this results in a general lack of coherent policies and public engagement in its development. the paper – “hong kong: a creative metropolis” – presents a blueprint that harnesses creativity for a creative transformation of the city in future.
作者: 中央政策组 主题: 第三部门的现况 年份: 2007
摘要: the chief executive of the hong kong special administrative region government,in his 2000 policy address,pointed out the significant roles and functions of the third sector in hong kong and the need to further maximize its contributions.in response, the central policy unit (cpu) of the government decided to conduct several studies on hong kong’s third sector, the first of which, dealing with corporate philanthropy in hong kong, was concluded in early 2002 1.the second one, the present study, seeks to review the “landscape” of hong kong’s third sector by studying the tangibles (third-sector organizations : their types, their numbers and the activities they perform) as well as the intangibles (their missions,services,methods of delivery, decision-making mechanisms, leadership structure, membership, funding, the extent of their networks and the challenges they face). these studies will enable the administration to better understand hong kong’s third sector and to assess the need for relevant policymaking to help strengthen the sector in the future.
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