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Sir Anthony Mason's Speech at the Presentation Ceremony
作者: 香港大律师公会 主题: Sir Anthony Mason's Speech at the Presentation Ceremony 年份: 2012
Implementation of MLC 2006 sand STCW Manila Amendments in China
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运, 主题研讨会 年份: 2012
摘要: speakers from china msa, shanghai maritime university, dalian maritime university and qingdao ocean shipping mariners’ college made very good presentations at the seminar on the following topics:
Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law Presents a Public Seminar on Maritime Collisions and Conflicts Issues
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运, 碰撞冲突问题 年份: 2011
摘要: on october 17, 2011, the hong kong centre for maritime and transportation law atcityu school of law was honoured to invite professor paul myburgh from the faculty of law at the university of auckland to present a public seminar on “flotsam and jetsam: conflict of laws issues arising from maritime collisions”. dr sik kwan tai, assistant professor, cityu school of law, was the chairman of the seminar. the seminar attracted registrations from over 100 scholars, legal practitioners, students and the general public.
CityU Law School receives HK$3.5M for theHong Kong Maritime Law Scholarship Scheme
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运 年份: 2011
摘要: the school of law (slw) at city university of hong kong (cityu) has received hk$3.5 million from the hksar government to set up the hong kong maritime law scholarship scheme. in appreciation of the generous support from the government, a cheque presentation ceremony was held on 10 june.
Piracy and Maritime Security a topic of growing concern
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运, 海上安全 年份: 2011
摘要: on monday, 28 march 2011, the hong kong centre for maritime and transportation law presented a public seminar on the issue of “piracy and maritime security”. the seminar was chaired by captain vinay patwardhan, the director of group planning and development at the tai chong cheanggroup. he opened the seminar by pointing out the increasingly pressing and globalized impact resulted from piracy in the high seas. the seminar provided both a local and an international perspective on this enduring problem in search of solutions.
The best way to stop MPF managers ripping us off with high fees
作者: Jake van der Kamp 主题: 强积金制度 年份: 2011
摘要: at present, about 250,000 employers choose the mpf providers and salespeople seldom lure them to shift. if we allow the 2.3 million employees to make their own choices, mpf salespeople may get more aggressive. we need legislation to regulate and penalise salespeople who mislead customers.
The detention of ships in Hong Kong
作者: 佚名 主题: 香港航运, 船舶滞留 年份: 2010
摘要: around 40 members and guests were treated to an interesting and informative presentation by simon baker of lawyers clyde & co. his title, "an arresting problem – the detention of ships in hong kong" gave a clue that this was not to be the dry legal discourse which some may have expected, but a lively and entertaining presentation which mixed facts and law with a wealth of colourful anecdote and humourous asides.
Response to Consultation on West Kowloon Development
作者: 三十会 主题: Consultation on West Kowloon Development 年份: 2005
摘要: this submission does not present an easy-to-categorize “yes” or “no” response to the consultation exercise. if, as the government claims, the wkcd would determine hong kong’s cultural future as well as define our civic identity, the community should not be asked to make a rushed choice of one among three not-fully-explained options. the questionnaire was also too restrictive and not able to envelope the richness of the people’s views on the project.
Speaking Notes for the presentation at POLA 2001 of Role of lawyers and law associations in promoting human rights
作者: 香港大律师公会 主题: Speaking Notes for the presentation at POLA 2001 of Role of lawyers and law associations in promoting human rights 年份: 2001
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