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作者: Unknown 主题: :Banking industry -- China -- Hong Kong. 年份: 2017
摘要: an industry report of the commercial banking industry in hong kong is presented from publisher business monitor international research, with topics including industry forecast, market overview and company profiles of banks including bank of china (hong kong) ltd. and the bank of east asia ltd
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage?
作者: Simon N.M. Young 主题: functional constituencies 年份: 2005
摘要: in this paper, i present a proposal for a viable co-existence. i argue that it is viable for essentially four reasons. first, it provides for universal suffrage of legislators in its uncompromised form, with direct elections based on geographical constituencies (gcs). secondly, it provides for a system of functional representation whereby different sectors of society will directly vote for a representative who will carry out a functional role that has both legislative and executive qualities. thirdly, this system of functional representation will be free from the anomalies and inequalities that plague the existing system of functional constituencies (fcs). lastly, by giving the elected fc legislators a new executive role, it will help alleviate the structural flaws of the existing executive-led system of governance. before laying out this proposal i briefly consider and reject two alternative proposals for co-existence.
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