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Law Society: Judicial independence will remain intact
作者: 未知 主题: 国家豁免, 人大释法 年份: 2010
International Human Rights Conventions in China——An interview with Research Fellow Mo Jihong of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
作者: OUR STAFF REPORTER 主题: International Human Rights Conventions, implemented, in China 年份: 2008
摘要: on the advent of the"international human rights day"on dec.10, 2007,our staff reporter interviewed research fellow mo jihong of the chinese academy of social sciences on how the international human rights conventions are implemented in china. born in may 1965,mo jihong is a native of jingjiang,jiangsu province.he is a research fellow at the law institute of the chinese academy of social sciences and a tutor for ph.d candidates in the international human rights law.he also serves as an executive member of the society for international constitution studies and vice-president of the constitution chapter of the china society of law.he was a visiting scholar at the human rights institute of norway,and the raoul wallenberg institute of human rights and humanitarian law.his principal works include international human rights convention and china (2005),principles of constitutional sciences in practice (2007) and in defense of legislation (2007).he was elected as one of the ten mast outstanding young jurists in china.
Human Rights and Development:Law, Policy and Governance
作者: C Raj Kumar, DK Srivastava 主题: Human Rights, Development, Law, Policy, Governance 年份: 2006
摘要: the book contains 28 chapters, which examine the thematic issues relating to the impact of human rights and development on governance. it underlines the importance of evaluating the working of national democratic institutions and inter-governmental organisations in the asia-pacific region, such as the united nations development program (undp), which are vested with the task of promoting social and economic development. the book also examines the impact of the world trade organisation law on human rights and human development, especially with regard to developing countries. issues relating to poverty and human rights , the impact of the policies of the world bank and the international monetary fund (imf) on human rights and the promotion of corporate social responsibility for the protection of human rights have been critically analysed.
Property and The Human Rights Act 1998
作者: Tom Allen 主题: property, the Human Rights Act 1998 年份: 2005
摘要: by giving further effect to the european convention on human rights, the human rights act 1998 has had a significant effect on property law. article 1 of the first protocol to the convention 15 particularly important, as it protects against the interference with the enjoyment of possessions. compulsory acquisition,insolvency, planning , taxation , environmental regulation , and landlord and tenant laws are just some of the fields where the british and european courts have already had to assess the impact of the protocol on private property . the human rights act 1998 also restricts the scope of property rights, as some convention rights conflict with rights of private property. for example, the article 8 right to respect for the home has been used to protect against environmental harm, in some cases at the expense of property and economic rights. this book seeks to provide a structured approach to the extensive case law of the european court of human rights and the uk courts on these issues, and to pr6vido guidance on the direction the law is likely to take in future. chapters cover the history and drafting of the relevant convention rights , the scope and structure of the rights ( especially article 1 of the first protocol ) , and how, through the human rights act 1998, the convention rights have already affected and are 1ikely to affect developments in selected areas of english law.
經濟專題小組關於修改第五章情況的報告 (Trans) Report of the Sub-group on Economy regarding the amendments to chapter V
作者: BLDC 主题: 經濟專題小組關於修改第五章情況的報告 年份: 1989
香港特別行政區基本法(草案)(匯編稿) (Trans)Collection of draft provisions of the various chapters prepared by the Subgroups of the Drafting Committee
作者: BLDC 主题: 香港特別行政區基本法(草案)(匯編稿) 年份: 1987
The Draft Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China: chapters 2-6 / The Business and Professional Group of Members of BLCC submission of views on relationship between the central authorities and the HKSAR
作者: BLCC 主题: BLCC Special Group on Business and Professional 年份: 1980
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