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国史教育 薪火相传
作者: 黄均瑜 主题: 国史教育 薪火相传 年份: 2008
作者: 史进 主题: 扩大问责制这场大风暴, 背水一战不堪一击 年份: 2008
作者: 宋小庄 主题: 政治委任制度 年份: 2008
作者: 审计署 主题: 政府账目审计 年份: 2008
第 五 十 一 号 报 告 书 ( 二 零 零 八 年 十 月 )目录
作者: 审计署 主题: 报告书 年份: 2008
作者: 马经 主题: 香港金融机构 年份: 2008
摘要: .2香港金融机构体系发展状况和特点分析20世纪70年代以前,香港的金融业主要由以汇丰银行为首的4家英资银行、以中国银行为首的若干中资银行、在当地注册的华资银行,以及一些银号、钱庄等组成,主要为本...
International Human Rights Conventions in China——An interview with Research Fellow Mo Jihong of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
作者: OUR STAFF REPORTER 主题: International Human Rights Conventions, implemented, in China 年份: 2008
摘要: on the advent of the"international human rights day"on dec.10, 2007,our staff reporter interviewed research fellow mo jihong of the chinese academy of social sciences on how the international human rights conventions are implemented in china. born in may 1965,mo jihong is a native of jingjiang,jiangsu province.he is a research fellow at the law institute of the chinese academy of social sciences and a tutor for ph.d candidates in the international human rights law.he also serves as an executive member of the society for international constitution studies and vice-president of the constitution chapter of the china society of law.he was a visiting scholar at the human rights institute of norway,and the raoul wallenberg institute of human rights and humanitarian law.his principal works include international human rights convention and china (2005),principles of constitutional sciences in practice (2007) and in defense of legislation (2007).he was elected as one of the ten mast outstanding young jurists in china.
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