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A currency union for Hong Kong and Mainland China?
作者: Xinpeng Xu 主题: Business cycle synchronization 年份: 2006
The Long March in Hong Kong:Continuing Steps in the Transition from Colony to Democracy
作者: Thomas S. Axworthy 主题: political transition, Democracy 年份: 2006
摘要: avowedly apolitical, hong kong is in the midst of the most rapid political transition in china and the success of this transition is crucial not only for the seven million residents of hong kong, but also for the future of china itself. how the authorities in beijing respond to democratic demands from hong kong, and how the government of hong kong treads a democratic pathway within the boundaries of the basic law, are two of the most important questions in international politics today. china’s decisions about hong kong will tell us much about the prospects of democratic transformation in china itself, and on that crucible the future of the 21st century might turn.
Constitutionalism and the Politics of Democracy in Hong Kong
作者: MICHAEL C. DAVIS 主题: Basic Law 年份: 2006
摘要: the 1984 sino-british joint declaration' launched one of the most intriguing political endeavors of the late twentieth century, the return of freewheeling capitalist hong kong to communist china under chinas notion of "one country, two systems." the joint declaration asked the world and hong kong's people to accept a new status for hong kong, that of a highly autonomous special administrative region in the people's republic of china (prc). observers wondered not only whether hong kong could survive such a transition but also how this endeavor might affect china itself. more than two decades have passed since that momentous agreement. the hong kong basic law,2 required by the agreement, was enacted in 1990, notlong after china's tragic events of 1989. this legislation of china's national people's congress (npc) has become the constitution of hong kong. as required by the joint declaration, the basic law specifies the roadmap for hong kong's long-term democratic development and the security of autonomy, human rights, and the rule of law. countries around the world, accepting chinas commitment to hong kong's autonomy, have entered into numerous international agreements with and about hong kong.
作者: Gregory J. Wawro, Eric Schickler 主题: 拉布 年份: 2006
摘要: parliamentary obstruction, popularly known as the "filibuster," has been a defining feature of the u.s. senate throughout its history. in this book, gregory j. wawro and eric schickler explain how the senate managed to satisfy its lawmaking role during the nineteenth and early twentieth century, when it lacked seemingly essential formal rules for governing debate.
Is China an optimum currency area?
作者: Hans N.E. Byström, , 主题: Optimum currency area 年份: 2005
Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong
作者: Dr. Sui-wai Cheung 主题: Hung-chiu Ceremony 年份: 2005
Can Functional Constituencies Co-exist with Universal Suffrage?
作者: Simon N.M. Young 主题: functional constituencies 年份: 2005
摘要: in this paper, i present a proposal for a viable co-existence. i argue that it is viable for essentially four reasons. first, it provides for universal suffrage of legislators in its uncompromised form, with direct elections based on geographical constituencies (gcs). secondly, it provides for a system of functional representation whereby different sectors of society will directly vote for a representative who will carry out a functional role that has both legislative and executive qualities. thirdly, this system of functional representation will be free from the anomalies and inequalities that plague the existing system of functional constituencies (fcs). lastly, by giving the elected fc legislators a new executive role, it will help alleviate the structural flaws of the existing executive-led system of governance. before laying out this proposal i briefly consider and reject two alternative proposals for co-existence.
Time series analysis for the interest rates relationships among China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan money markets
作者: Chien-Chung Nieha, , , 主题: Money market 年份: 2004
Deliberation Day
作者: Ackerman & Fishkin 主题: Deliberation Day 年份: 2004
The devaluation expectations in Hong Kong and their determinants
作者: Bronka Rzepkowski 主题: Currency board 年份: 2003
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