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Hong Kong’s Political Reform and Dilemma
作者: YEW Chiew Ping* 主题: Functional Constituencies 年份: 2010
摘要: in june 2010, hong kong’s lawmakers passed two resolutions on the 2012 election of the chief executive and the legislative council. much of the debates over the reforms centre on the functional constituencies, whose influential business representatives have often blocked social policies. hong kong’s social problems have worsened because of a government that lacks popular mandate and the confrontational relationship between its executive and legislative branches. there is a pressing need for bolder political reforms.
Proposals to Change the Operation of Cloture in the Senate
作者: Christopher M. Davis, Valerie Heitshusen, Betsy Palmer 主题: Proposals, Cloture rule, Senate, change 年份: 2010
摘要: the u.s. senate “cloture rule” was adopted in 1917, and established a procedure by which the senate may limit debate and act on a pending measure or matter. in recent years, some senators have expressed renewed concerns over the way in which extended debate is conducted in the senate and the operation of the cloture rule. this report provides a brief history of the senate cloture rule, explains its main features and the arguments made by supporters and opponents of these features, outlines a range of proposals to change its operation, and briefly explains the methods by which the senate might change its rules or practices.
Business cycle and inflation synchronisation in Mainland China and Hong Kong
作者: Petra Gerlach-Kristen 主题: Inflation cycles 年份: 2009
The Tale of Two Mega-Cities Hong Kong in the Face of Shanghai’s Re-rise——《一国两制研究》-分篇-2009年第二期
作者: GU Xinhua, SHENG Li 主题: The Tale of Two Mega-Cities Hong Kong in the Face of Shanghai’s Re-rise——《一国两制研究》-分篇-2009年第二期 年份: 2009
A Discussion on Macau Monetary Reform from a Broad Perspective——《一国两制研究》-分篇-2009年第一期
作者: Gu Xinhua, SHENG Li 主题: A Discussion on Macau Monetary Reform from a Broad Perspective——《一国两制研究》-分篇-2009年第一期 年份: 2009
Homeowners' Participation in Urban Regeneration in Hong Kong: A Study on the Acceptability of Land Readjustm
作者: 邱勇 主题: 住区规划与更新 年份: 2009
摘要: : in view of the ever-sternest problem of urban decay in hong kong, the local government and non-gov e(rn)ment organizations have paid huge efforts in redeveloping derelict buildings. yet, redevelopments in urban areas are never a straightforward task because of the thorny and lengthy exercise in land assembly. although compulsory sale or eminent domain helps speed up the land assembly process, it often creates social tensions between the redevelopment agents and affected homeowners. the original homeowners grieve for deprived private property rights. also, some of them request for the entitlement of redevelopment gains. besides, forced displacement by redevelopment may seriously disrupt the social network. in views of these predicaments, the technique of land readjustment (lr) has been proposed and practiced. in a typical lr project, the existing homeowners surrender their properties to a lr agent but they retain a stake in the redevelopment project. after the demolition and rebuilding, the original owners will be given the respec tive properties and interests. in principle, the lr technique could foster a partnering relationship between the redevel opment agents and affected homeowners. although lr has been adopted in foreign countries to smoothen the progress of land assembly for various purposes, the applicability of this technique to redeveloping old buildings in hong kong's urban is moot. this article aims to explore the acceptability of the lr technique in hong kong. a total of 356 residents living in kowloon city district were surveyed using a set of structured questionnaire. based on the survey findings, some policy and practical implications are drawn and discussed. on the issue of sustainable urban regeneration, these implications offer valuable insights not only to the government of hong kong, but also to the public administrators in macao and other places where formulation or revamp of urban renewal policy is und
Can the traditional Asian US dollar peg exchange rate regime be extended to include the Japanese yen?
作者: Colm Kearneya, 1, , 主题: Exchange rate systems 年份: 2008
TIMETABLES & DESTINATIONS Hong Kong perceptions and politics after the
作者: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs 主题: Functional Constituencies 年份: 2008
摘要: the national democratic institute for international affairs (ndi) is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen and expand democracy worldwide. since 1997, ndi has conducted a series of assessment missions to hong kong to consider the development of the hksar's "post-reversion" election framework, the status of autonomy, rule of law and civil liberties under chinese sovereignty, and the prospects for democratization beyond the 10-year transition period set forth in the basic law. in 2002, ndi established a field office in hong kong.
Why U.S. money does not cause U.S. output, but does cause Hong Kong output
作者: Gabriel Rodrígueza, , , 主题: Monetary policy; 年份: 2007
Dynamic linkages between exchange rates and stock prices: Evidence from East Asian markets
作者: Ming-Shiun Pana, , , 主题: linkages between exchange rates and stock prices 年份: 2007
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