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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002u201c赌权u201d开放第一年澳门博彩税又创历史新高纪录不详; 佚名
2016-08-02Ubamaka Edward Wilson 訴 保安局局長及另一人FACV000015_2011-
2012-12-21Ubamaka Edward Wilson 诉 保安局局长及另一人-
2012-01Uma Ponderação sobre Alguns Problemas da Reforma Jurídica ZHAO Guoqiang ——《一国两制研究》-分篇葡文专集第一期2012年1月不详; ZHAO Guoqiang
2013-12Uma Proposta Modesta para o Regime de Gestão do Desempenho do Governo——《一国两制研究》-分篇葡文专集第三期2013年12月不详; CHAN Wai Tan
2009-07-09Unfair Treatment of Seafarers香港船东会; 佚名
2014-02-14Unified Screening Mechanism for Non-refoulement Claims香港大律师公会; 香港大律师公会
2013-12-11Unionists’ plan for reform will scrape deadline不详; 不详
2016-08-02UNITED BRIGHT LIMITED 訴 律政司司長CACV000211_2012-
2015-03-18UNITED BRIGHT LIMITED 诉 律政司司长-
2014-01Units Of Measurement To Be Used In Air And Ground Operations民航局; 民航局
2013-05-15Unprecedented graft probe for ex-ICAC chief中國日報香港版; Kahon Chan
2014-01Updated List of Designated Aviation Medical Practitioners民航局; 民航局
2014-01Update of aerodrome (or heliport) operating minima and operating conditions requirements民航局; 民航局
2014-01Update of Medical Provisions民航局; 民航局
2014-01Update of Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Control民航局; 民航局
2000-12-18Update On Bar Free Legal Service Scheme香港大律师公会; 香港大律师公会
2013-05-09Upstanding ICAC staff in hour of need英文虎報; J S Lam
2014-01Use of preferential runway民航局; 民航局
Showing results 28688 to 28707 of 132603
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